Reviews for "Addicting Game"


Thier was a glitch come level 21 that made you invincible threwout the rest of the game. Further-more it did get a bit boring at times. And anouther thing. The game was hard! Like very! The level of complexity gained in rank far to fast. Then the sudden change in style created a much more complex setting as-well. And lets face it, in time the music got repeditive, and the animation had no cool effects or effort to it.

Great game.

Nice music and easy to play. Thought I don't now why this happened: I haven't played for few weeks and now when I chose level 21 the game completely bugged. I turned into a green block and nothing could hit me and then the level ended. I pressed space as I thought it was just a joke level made by you, but then it simply said everytime I pressed choose a level "Level cleared" (or something like that) and I got trought all the last 20 levels basically without playing. That sucks. Maybe it's because my internet sucks?


BOOOOOOooooo Not cool man, not cool.

Pretty fun game,

It makes the boring game less boring. Much more fun to play, especially because of the medals.
It didn't hapen for me but when my girlfriend was playing this game she got to level 20 and died and then it said she passed the level. When level 21 procceeded to open she appeared dead and it said she passed and it continued this untill she got through to level 40. Then it gave her the "pass 40 levels badge" WTF!?
weird bug!?


Is boring now another word for addicting? I guess so!