Reviews for "Addicting Game"


Ok, I don't mind failing at a game when I don't have the skillz, but this game has buggy controls. Sometimes the character just keeps walking resulting in having to try again. However, this IS an addicting game and you WILL keep trying untill it gets so freakishly hard it's just no fun antmore...

An adicting bug

playing this adicting game ive just found an adicting bug... if win you a level and then you die when the screen of "next adicting level" appears then you can pass all levels just clicking "next level"... by the way, love this game.

omg im now addicted

to this addicting game!!!!!!!!!!!

As Addicting as the Boring One!

Story/Plot: -/10 - wat
Graphics: 8/10 - Nothing looked wrong. The main Character has minor things like some sprite clash with the background, but still, It's obvious that you wanted to make a difference with "Boring Game".
Gameplay: 10/10 - I'm Impressed with the huge programing you did for both games. This one adds even more abilities than before and the controls are smooth. There is a little flaw with the Character: Once he dies, if things keep hitting the space where he died, they still hit the character.
Difficulty: 6/10 - Now this is where the game gets evil. IT'S RIDICULOUS. If someone hasn't played AND beated "Boring Game", then thay aren't ready. Especially since this one added similar situations for each level WITH ONE LIFE(The other had 50+ waves (not gonna spoil) and 25 Lives.) Take Level 26 for example: That is insane to do if you didn't know there was a pattern.
Fun: 7/10 - If "Boring game" is Boring, "Addicting game" is Addicting. A little Frustating too, But still, That's the point of the game.
Music: 5/10 - A catchy loop that repeats itself trough the entire game. Get's boring after a while.

Overrall: >7,50< Excellent sequel for the first game, especially since you modified to be completely addicting. Make another, I'll be waiting for it.


this game its like boring game