Reviews for "Addicting Game"


An addicting game, not 'boring' at all. :)

Awesome game~

Level 29 was the hardest thing. Haha XD;
And medals are messing up. I've beat all 40, and it shows it... It said I got the medal, but now it's not showing up. Haha -.-"
Very good game though~

pretty boring..

i was enjoying it up intill lvl 26, thern everything justdidnt make sence. Im almost 100% sure the character is just that one bit to big to not fit into certain gaps. Then the blocks starting bouncing out of sync and lagging makeing it impossible to make it out alive.
Not only that, each wave goes for at least 30 seconds..and i some how managed to survive 4 waves and then it JUST KEPT GOING.

got boring very quick. Mabey next time just change things around every now and then instead of every 10-15 stages.


I agree with Matt, the music did get annoying after a while. And I was definatly frustrating. But it was alright.

Addicting is not a word

Was pretty frustrating at first, but I eventually got better at it and realized that you could play the levels in any order, and finally got through them all.

Music was pretty good but really got annoying after a while.