Last Breath : Overwhelmed

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You are a lone freelancer who hopes to free his people from the tyranny of an unknown species. Activate your shield, upgrade your weapons and get ready to face an army.

WASD (customizable) or Arrow Keys to move
Left mouse button or Space bar to shoot
Shift key to fire tractor beam and collect loot
P or Escape to pause

This game has been in the works for what seems to be an eternity... but it's finally finished. Enjoy!
Thanks for the Front Page!

Game too big? Try playing with your browser in full screen (usually F11 to toggle)


Somewhat addicting

I find this game extremely repetitive, obviously. It does take skill to play this game, and its rather fun for a while. Good for consuming time or wasting it, not that im saying this game is a waste of time. I've only played this to level five. I didn't give up its just that i decided to write a review, this game I think is worthy for me to come back to some other time in the future. This game is definitely worth a try, anyways good work Joelasticot. Also the music was pretty good too.

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Hard but fair.

This game is a bit hard and takes some practice. Nevertheless it is a very good game.
Also, it seems that you can't really earn extra cash.

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Simple yet addicting!

I like how this game is so simple, yet I cannot stop playing it! You really need to manage your power ups in order to get further in the game, good balance in general.


10/10 for graphics and sound 7/10 for actual gameplay

Very well done

Its like a blast from the past but actually done with style. The music is perfect for it and i like the simplicity mixed with the little perks like the tractor beam that overhauls the whole experience in my eyes. Alot of these types of games suck cause you die immedietly when you get hit but you put a shield in there freakin awesome.

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4.16 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2010
8:47 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight