Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"

Epic game

It's obvious that you worked very hard making this game.. And it paid off..

This is by far one of the best shooters I've ever played.

Excelent Music,Excelent Upgrade System, Excelent Gameplay, Although, it does get a lil' repetitive.

In other words, Great job, Excelent game. Keep it up.

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks! I started the game over 2 or 3 times before I achieved this level of polish, ha

cool oldey style space shooter!

you did a great job man creating this game....it's awesome and it brings me back a lot of memories....
cool and interesting storyline,addictive gameplay,nice graphics and details...
you deserve front page for this....
and something else,i find the title very smart,good job with that to!!
will wait for more submissions!keep it up! ( :-o

One of the best Flash games of its genre

There are _lots_ of games, even Flash games, of the vertical shooter genre. Particularly good members of the series stand out for certain reasons. This one's reasons are the following:

Difficulty level = somewhat challenging yet not unplayably hard. Personally I'd prefer it to be significantly more difficult, but I tend to be pretty good at this type of game, so it's probably fine where it is to avoid alienating most people.

Customization = sufficient yet not overwhelming. There's a sufficient amount of variety in the upgrade options to allow for multiple styles of play, and the prices are all pretty much balanced.

Pacing = perfect. Levels are exactly the right length to keep you entertained for a length of time and give you a break just when you need it, and level replays are handled precisely how I'd do it: you can only earn a limited total amount of money per level, and you only improve your score up to that amount, rather than replaying levels infinitely for infinite resource gains.

Sound = good. Good music, good sound effects, but I'd really like volume controls rather than just an "On/Off" toggle. It's a bit loud as-is for my taste; I'd drop it to about 70% of where it currently is if there were volume controls.

Unquantifiable fun factor = great. Enemy attack patterns, asteroid mechanics, control responsiveness, everything adds up to an unquantifiable fun factor that makes this game one of the best of its genre, right up there with Danmaku Legend II.

There really isn't really much else to say other than "Congrats, and please add volume controls."

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks, I'll add sliders to my next games. I think the problem with my game is that it isn't very accessible; while some people have a great time playing, it's simply too difficult for those who aren't experienced with space shooters. I'll take every constructive review in consideration while making my next games.

arcade style

love it even though i can't get pass the first boss.
the boss battle should hv those retrievable upgrades after each time its shield break we can blast the hell out of it


It makes me remember about the good old days where shoot em ups and damn it is hard, it took me 5 hours to finish it >_< its just Amazing! and Hopeku's music is epic too