Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"


I liked it a lot, but my game got deleted. Why?


Loved the game, game play, variation in enemies and music. I made it to lvl 13 until I quit. The second boss was really fun. I loved having to circle around him to dodge his 360 degree spray. Very enjoyable. 10/10 5/5

Love this kind of game

I love games like this one :D
Great game.

Funny and Simple!

This game has all the things that makes a good game! Great and clear graphics, nice music and sound effects, and fun and fast pace gameplay! Though the first boss I thought was a bit to powerful for the first boss. I give this a 9/10

Nice, but too hard!

When every enemy has regenerating shields, and you can only shoot forward except for the occasional missile, you have to stay "in front" of an enemy to destroy it while its friends are shooting at you throughout... I tried resetting my upgrades and using other combinations but despaired at level 10. Pity, b/c I did like it how new kinds of enemies were appearing. Perhaps additional weapons rather than simple upgrades and random bonuses would do the trick! I quite liked everything else about the game.