Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"

Dammit got killed again...but I keep going.

First game Ive played on Newgrounds in quite some time, and it's been one of the best on here. I love Galaga type of style type games, except with this one brings you the whole shit. Don't mess around or boom your fucked and games like that bring joy to me haha. Not only is it very nice set up but the upgrades you can get make it easier towards the end but still you manage to say, WTF!!! So I give my two cents and my blessing.

very good

this game is oldscholl but with a modern twist, i love the basic controls and the clean interface, only imporvements would be more backgrounds, keep up the good work


A challenging game and I like that you can reset your upgrades. I don't like the main canon. Maybe if you had more or shoot in a wider range because it feels like it's going right near the target.

Overall quite fun.

I thought it was a sweet game. The layout was clean and simple. Weapons not too crazy or overpowered. The difficulty was almost perfectly tweaked to how fast you upgrade. The fact you can go back to other levels to scrape up some extra cash was a good idea.
I would only recommend some more variety in level construction. You had some with asteroids and the mothership but it was a little repetitive otherwise.

As for the naysayers who say, "oh i've played this kind of game a gazillion times". Well, of course you have. Originality it a feat in itself. It's hard enough to make a good game, which this certainly is.


Its challangeing, pretty fun when you get ahold of what your really doing. The only real problem is the last boss but then again its like that with almost any video game. Good job bro keep it up I enjoy a good arcade shooter thanks for provideing.