Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"

it was good

it was good, but honestly i think you could make it better like when you shoot them with the minigun or whatever. make it easier to hit them.

i liked it but

this was fun up untill the first boss. If you get hit at all your pretty much dead, the missiles kill you way too fast and if you dont dodge everything you lose.

Very nice

The people who gave you a bad review obviously didn't even come close to the end.

It's very nice, though like some people mentioned, it could do better with checkpoints. Not mid level but mid boss.

There was a glitch or bug on the level 30 boss, you know, after you take him down half health, the ship runs away? I got hit by a laser and instantly died, hull and shield were perfect. I mean the last beams in the previous 4 levels didn't kill me instantly, what was up with this one? It sucked that I had to start all over XD.

Level 21 was utterly difficult, but I finally passed it. And once I did, the rest was easy, since I hadn't upgraded my shield, hull or engine. Just please consider adding checkpoints... so I can finish the game cause I'm still halfway on the level 30 boss.

I'd like to see more of these too, maybe with more storyline to it too and possibly some cut scenes between levels. Anyways, again, great game, 9/10 for no checkpoints.

Great work!

Everything in this game is really well done. I'm going to save a lot of typing by simply saying you have an awesome game here, so I can have room to tell you my complains/suggestions.

- I believe there's a bug with the options to begin the extra features super shield missiles and blaster. The last option you saw is the one you see in those three. If I click in view intro then in super shield, I will see watch movie instead of begin, if I click in erase progress then in super blaster I will see erase progress instead of begin too, for example. This bug confused me, maybe you can fix it.
- I don't like the way my spaceship and the bars around it look. (Between, the tutorials didn't told me what the bars were for.) Also, when I shoot an enemy I would like to know how much health/shield it has, maybe bars should show around them when they are being hit.
- The "movies" weren't very good, not even an animation. But I believe you had to keep in mind the file size of the game, maybe that was it. It's a shame.
- The musics were great but I think there should have been more, also you should have put the calm musics in the calm levels and the other ones in the other levels.
- I think the sound of the missiles was a bit too loud, it was even louder than the explosions.
- You should have let us chose all the controls, shift and space bar are not very good. Also, I think space bar should be used to stop shooting (auto shooter option).
- I know my spaceship has the latest Space Sounds Generator but other people don't. They may be wondering how come one can hear stuff in space.
- The second boss was a too difficult but I didn't even notice, I know the point was to use asteroids. Plus it had nothing special compared to the other bosses other than those asteroids. Talking about bosses, once their shields are out, I think but I'm not sure, it's a matter of damage they take and not a matter of time until the shield comes back. This is bad because there's no speed challenge.
- The difficulty, the upgrades, the time it takes to beat levels, all those things, they are hard and important to get right so it's worth spending some more time testing them. I'm not saying you did bad.
- More variety in the first 23 levels would have been good, in level 25 the game changed a bit to an avoider and I liked it. You should get some cool ideas, don't stick to shooting stuff only, unless that's really the kind of game you want.
- "You get extra money for killing enemies fast", but not for killing bosses fast, I didn't like that. I didn't feel like replaying the bosses because there was no point. I also didn't like how I didn't get any money for beating the last boss.
- I didn't realise how good the game was at first, maybe you should start with a "boom" next time.

I think I should mention something, after I passed level 29 I got enough money to buy the last upgrade. Coincidence? Probably not. It was well done.

I hope my review was helpful, I didn't feel like reviewing this one. Actually I didn't really review, just pointing out stuff.
Keep in mind that I liked this game and that I skipped the compliments. :) And don't mind the 9 rating... I hope there's a part 2.

Good graphics, needs tuning

I like the graphics, but the difficulty needs to be toned down. this game is hard to the point where it is monotonous. Every boss battle requires passing through at least 3 stages, many of which involve doing the same move over and over again.

I understand that you try to make it interesting by being difficult, but there is a difference between difficult and exciting.