Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"

Good game

I have to say i'm a fan of this kind of games. It's really well made. Competitive. :)

Btw, i'm stuck at level 24 (The boss with the rocks around him), can anyone help?

Great game but....

Idk about everyone else when they play this game, but my controls kept sticking and throwing me to one side of the screen or down to the bottom of the screen. it was very frustrating because everytime i would try to fight i would be locked in a corner and easily picked off. its a great game with alot of great stuff in it, my only gripe is the controls. without good controls you cant have a great game.

Slow start, then it flows.

It starts out slow for sure. It seems like you are unable to make money/beat the boss. The game kicks into gear around the 7-9levels. The best feature is the ability to reset upgrades and "reinvest". This is key. Go into bosses with speed and strength/ normal rounds with high power weapons. So much fun. I am still stuck on level 30!

Classic Gaming!!!

This game captures the finer points of classic "single ship against armies of enemy ships" kinda games. Reminds me of Tyrian 2000 and Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Damn, I want to play Tyrian really bad now. Great job on this game!!!


spent a ton of time trying to fight through the really, really difficult yet addicting levels. this is a very challenging game and you'll need quick reactions and a smart selection of upgrades to beat the stages.

bad things about the game is that it has a really slow-going pace in the beginning. it becomes a bit repetitive and it's hard to earn cash for upgrades.
HINT: you can't earn a lot of money by replaying levels but you CAN get some if you beat the levels with a higher score.

i'd like to see a difficulty level setting and more upgrades. perhaps the enemies could give more money when they're killed also? just some suggestions.