Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"


Love the game. Nice Graphic, Nice game play. Like the fact that shields recharde one suggestion though.

How about having an recommend loadout for each level though?


Good graphics, effective control system and, reasonably challenging. The only thing that needs improvement is the upgrade system. Other than that I love it


Not a bad game, though it is hard, witch makes it boring.
It could be better if we had some advantage and something that could make it Original?
perhaps, we could shift weapons and/or gain xp witch would upgrade our ship apparency and possibility to add more weapons or alike?
Also, i don't like much the way you used the story line, i mean, add more cut scenes ? In witch you explain why we are killing x boss or how it started with more details?
The reason behind this "attack".
I am not an expert reviewer, i don't really consider this a good game.
Though, i would like to see more...the songs in this game rocks :D

Omg! The most monotonue shooter I know

- - - Overview - - -
Main-idea & transfer: 2/ 10
Creativity: 3/ 10
Action & Speed: 0 / 10

Music & Sounds: 5 / 5
Graphics: 5 / 5

Altogether: 15 / 40; 4 / 10

- - - Main idea & transfer 2 / 10 - - -
You just wanted to make a shooter with missions, workshops and unlockable things. Cool idea, shit transfer. Its the most monotonue shooter I know. The cool music, sound, graphics and the super-cool title are lost.

- - - Creativity 3 / 10 - - -
So boring. There are no ideas, nearly all enemy ships have no ideas, no individual charakteristics, they have just things like Health points and damage points (or better: how many missles they shoot after some time -.-). There is no change, all is just one-way, all is the same... But the worst are the boss fights! Omg, bosses have so much health, and you didn't put any idea in the boss fights! They have only one move, you have to avoid and to shoot for a very long time, thats all! They are so long-continual and boring, i could doze off. 3 points because of the workshop, unlockable things and the few ships with an idea (but i think all three things are not really good)

- - - Action & Speed 0 / 10 - - -
Hello? The genre is: Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight. There is no action, no speed! Just avoid the enemy missles. This is easy, because the missles are very slow. Just hold down space and fly to and fro, back and forth... I could doze off again...

- - - Music & Sounds 5 / 5 - - -
I think they are pretty good. You should not put them in this game...

- - - Graphics 5 / 5 - - -
Same for the graphics. They are great.

- - - Altogether 15 / 40; 4 / 10 - - -
Man, i think your game is not worth the four points. I play this game nevermore. And the boss fights are way to hard (monotonue, long-continual AND hard...)

I dont understand why the game has 4.00 / 5.00 !? This review will be marked as useless for sure. Wrongful.

seriously,.. what, the, fu ck!!

i started the game, ok, nice grafics, nice music, everything was alright, but ah! First boss, i whispered ''Ok, lets s....'' before i finished the word, i got killed, ok, i started again and again until i finally beat it, then more levels and the next boss, a truly bastard, i hated the way of beating that fkng boss, but guess what, i beat it, then the next fkng levels were a needle in the as s, next boss, ok, it was easy, but the next levels were AAAAAH!!! after a couple of days i find my way through the final boss, the battle started and i sayed it start easy, but then guess what, yeah, i got killed, but now, i was killed, and killed, and killed, and killed, and killed, and killed, AND KILLED!!! man!! wtf is wrong with you, make at least a fkng checkpoint in the middle of the battle, is SO fkng anoying beat the middle of its health bar, got killed and start the whole thing over and over!!

AAAAH!!! before i forget, today i wanted to try again, but guess what, yeah, MY FKNG LOAD, DOESNT EXIST NOW, AND BEFORE I NOTICED THERE WAS A DAMN MESSANGE SAYING ''play it in my website because i dont have friends and i think that doing things is going to make me more popular ;')'' YOU GOT HAAAATED!!! HAAATED YOU HEAR ME!?


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