Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"

Not so attractive

I respect the work, but nothing much attractive to play.

It's just too hard, and there's been a lot like it

There's no innovation here, just a lot of tired old stuff.

The graphics are good and polished, but there's no soul to it - just a lot of frustration. Let me give you an example.

Why do you have to hold a button down to shoot? In a bullet hell game, you're never going to want to NOT shoot. Holding down the spacebar whilst trying to use the arrow keys frequently causes button locks that you need to release a button to clear - either you stop shooting, or you're locked moving in a direction.

Holding down the mouse button is worse - it's a betrayal. WHY are your guns fixed forward if you can use the mouse to shoot them?

In a game this simple, the shooting should be automatic - or at least have an option (NOT an upgrade) to switch it to automatic.

The upgrades are sad and tired - they never FEEL like you're upgrading so much as throwing cash at a problem that's rapidly escalating beyond your ability to throw cash at it. There's nothing new, just MOTS - More Of The Same.

And lastly, the difficulty curve ramps up WAY too high. I just can't get past the second mission after the second boss, despite having gone back and scrumped for pocket change in earlier missions. You need an option to tone the difficulty down. It stops being challenging and starts being frustrating sometime around the third consecutive loss. By the tenth, you just want to hurl your monitor from the window.

It's just an average, average bullet hell game. Nothing to cause it to stand out. Nothing innovative, just derivitive of those games which have come before, and not THRILLING in that - which is an even greater crime.

A great game.

It reminds me of those classic shooters.

They were fucking hard, but in the end it was fucking great.

While some may say this game is not for children, I just say this game isn't for whiny little bitches that quit as soon as the difficulty ramps up.

A great game, will entertain for hours.


One big problem

I think this was such a hard game because of one fatal flaw. You can't move diagonally. During the boss fight, I had trouble dodging things simply because you can only use one arrow key at a time.
Otherwise, it is a well thought out and well developed game.

What a killer of a game!!!

Hardest game ever, which makes it memorable... I got so pissed off with teh difficulty I actually finished the darn thing out of spite!

After all this hard work I was expecting something better (i wont be too descriptive) with the blast boss mode I suspect you have made the bosses even harder than the main game (it feels it takes longer to shoot down the 1st boss) and by the time you reach the 3rd boss your hand is in pain and you loose out of shere pain...

Alsot.... I went through pretty much every single level and even then I could not max absolutely everything with the money I v made...and trust me i squeezed every penny that could be squeezed...still left with one item unmaxed (although 9/10ths). The Incredible thing is that the bosses in the boss blast only give $1 each so even then you can not completely max....

I would suggest at the very least make the Blast mode a little easier so that people can feel they are enjoying the benefit of finishing such a hard core game.

Apart from that I thing the graphics and design are excellent so I give you a 10 out of 10 as I suspect that a lot of effort went into this... (but just because you worked hard on it doesnt mean you have to punish the gamers lol)