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Last Breath : Overwhelmed

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You are a lone freelancer who hopes to free his people from the tyranny of an unknown species. Activate your shield, upgrade your weapons and get ready to face an army.

WASD (customizable) or Arrow Keys to move
Left mouse button or Space bar to shoot
Shift key to fire tractor beam and collect loot
P or Escape to pause

This game has been in the works for what seems to be an eternity... but it's finally finished. Enjoy!
Thanks for the Front Page!

Game too big? Try playing with your browser in full screen (usually F11 to toggle)

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that got hard quick and in a hurry

When i start a new game, it doesn't let me play, I cannot select a text. what should i do?



This classic gameplay, but didn't make boring game i think
have a good graphic and nice song
Keep Up The Good Work :)))

Kept me entertained all day.

Pretty good, balanced game. The upgrades keep the difficulty curve in check, (though could use a little more variety, some epic and/or whacky weapon that has limited use is one suggestion) but the last boss could stand to be less of a dick.

Great graphics, (especially explosions) fantastic music, (Hopeku ftw) and the gameplay was enjoyable and challenging, and not (too) repetitive or irritating.

My only real suggestion is a wider variety of music, slightly wider range of enemies, and some different buyable powerups that each do something unique, like a 10-second invulnerability shield that can be used once per wave, or a missile pack that shoots 10-15 missiles at once, or just one big fricken laser that has a long recharge.

Oh yeah, and the last 6 levels were irritating. Not very many enemies to gain cash from, and they all seemed to revolve around those boring laser outlets.

I see you set up room for a sequel, so maybe everything i mentioned will be added to the next installment. Anyways, great game, that is six hours well wasted on my part.