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The Protomen - Unrest

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Jan 22, 2009 | 3:08 AM EST

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EDIT AGAIN: OMG OMG I'm featured on the front page of newgrounds!! Thank you so much, Tom and Wade and Newgrounds twitter and whatever else got me there!!! This place is AWESOME!

EDIT: Yes! Daily second! Not bad for a first try ;) Thank you so much to everybody who viewed and rated and especially those who reviewed!! I can't wait to do more ^.^

<3 - Kimmy


The Protomen
Unrest in the House of Light

The story told by the Protomen takes place in a dystopian future ruled by Wily. No one would oppose Wily's rule except for Dr. Light, who worked in secret to create a robot who would fight back against Wily's robot soldiers. This robot, Protoman, stood up against the leaders of the robot army, but was destroyed. No one would help Protoman; all they could do was stand by and watch helplessly. Not too long after, Light created Megaman.

"Years passed. Nothing changed. The human race seemed weary but content to suffer under Dr. Wily and the robot army. In whispers, they still spoke of Protoman. Eventually, Megaman would find out the truth. Dr. Light knew this.

When Megaman was old enough, Light called him into the workshop and began to explain..."


This is a music video for Unrest in the House of Light by The Protomen (who are AWESOME and happily provided me with 'full permission to disseminate this video'). It's done entirely with Megaman 7 sprites (ripped by Sprites Inc.), which have been recolored, and a few original sprites by me. I also used some PD sprites by the following people (thanks!): FatSatan, Deccus, Umiliphus, Bonzai, Cello, and Space Cowboy.

Thanks for checking it out! This is my very first flash animation, so, you know, please be nice ;)

And if you don't know who The Protomen are, you're seriously missing out: en



Rated 5 / 5 stars

...I have to hear the rest of the story.

I wanna know more of whats going on. Is this the time period between Mega and X? I this how we lost both of them and got the next generation?

I wanna see more. PM me when your finish.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was really great

I had never heard of the Protomen before but I went and checked out there site cause of this. This was really well made. And I know everyone is bashing the audio quality but that's great audio, the people who sing it just get real wierd with the guitar masking their singing at some points.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lets start off...

Animation: Its simple. There is one major problem i think and that's just Protomans shots go in a straight line. The sprites don't move a whole lot in this flash but it works for the song and its not meant to. It's a dark song so it works well with it. Good parts is the Protoman/Megaman split look. And also all the sprites are darken for the song. Which is really good idea. The human sprites are good if You or someone else made them. And are nice to show humans in an game world where You only see like 4 humans. [The three doctors and the Russia doctors daughter]

Song: I enjoy the song. Its quality is not POOR. if there's a better one then fine...but some songs just have people yelling loudly and You can't hear them. The song and Animation fits together. Overall to me it sounds good and it works.

Flash file its self - IT REPEATS! Which is very cool for a music flash file. That way i can leave it on in the background and just enjoy it.

Anything else - Its a great slow flash to a nice song. It fits the story. The world is dark and the old man emotions. First off i'm not a good sprite comic artist but this made me want to continue the story in a darker tone line this. Which i think would be a sweet story line. I might try it for fun but its unlikely. The song just makes a very interesting outlook on the mega man world that could make it better. So very good idea to use this song this way. It hooked me.

Rateing: You know...a 8-10 kind of means the same thing. So a 10 not because its perfect but because i enjoyed it a lot. That's the key point for a website. So great job thumbs up A+ or what not. Hope You see this review under the others as well. heh.

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KarmaKimmy7 responds:

Thank you so much for your indepth review ^.^ Yes, I drew the humans, kinda a side project I did for my friends, drawing them all 16-bit. I'll be using more of them in my next video, for The Will of One.

Thanks for defending my music quality! I was starting to wonder if I accidently did something horrible to it... lol. But, I think it's just that The Protomen sound like a ROCK BAND and don't make every lyric crystal clear. Hopefully the haters will be appeased by subtitles next time.

Of course I read and appreciate every review. Most of you are very kind. Thanks so much!

<3 - Kimmy


Rated 2 / 5 stars

low quality on the audio

The audio quality ruined what could have been a really good submission.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was great!

I really enjoyed your video, really well made and now I want to go see who these protomen are! never heard of them before this.
anyway good job, keep making more awesome stuff

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