Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

Beautiful. Truely beautiful.

This is an amazing work. Beautifully made, and emotionally charged. You have portrayed the events of the song amazingly.

this "Rock"ed

A great job, hope to see some more.

Pretty Rad

This would probably be the only justified sprite video on this entire site, I'm certain.

Make more please!

I loved this animation, its near perfect. Also, as a response to your response to the other guy below me, Joe IS Dr. Wily, in the games it says his name is Joe Wily. Also i have to say, i think what happened in Act 2 is that Joe framed Thomas (Tom) Light by having his robot kill the girl or something like that, then he turned the town on him and used that as a distraction too unleash his army, but i dont really know.


You made it seem like the people wanted to help.
In the narrative, the people didnt want to help.
Thats why he was forsaken.
Plus they didnt live like hobos. The robots were a luxury that afforded them
such a nice life. That was the point of Wilys plot.
You butchered the storyline.
But it was nice sprite work.

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

In the story, performed and outlined in the booklets, there is a lot of talk about a people who are living a difficult life. What started as a robot utopia turned to terror after the events of "Here Comes the Arm" (the last song on Act II, chronologically before the start of the CD this song is on). Dr. Wily used Joe's attack as reason enough to release his army and tighten his grip on an already weak society, beating them into submission physically as well as mentally. They are in bad shape at this point, and no longer live a life of safety and luxury. The city is burning. Now! 'The people didn't want to help'... this is the main theme of the CD. While the people were downtrodden, miserable, wretched, they still held out hope that they would be saved. When Protoman appeared, they rallied around him, cheered him on, watched and waited eagerly for their salvation, and then turned their backs on him and did nothing when he failed. They were more than happy to let somebody save them, but they were too pathetic to save themselves. So, don't let their rallying and fist-pumping fool you now. Those people are the dead, a fact that Megaman won't realize for another three songs.

I suggest you purchase the CD so you can have a copy of the booklet. There's a lot of great material there, and maybe after reading it you'll agree that my animation is actually quite faithful.

<3 - Kimmy