Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

You should do videos for the rest

of the Protomen songs.

(Although I think I'm biased, seeing as I'm a Megaman freak and love the Protomen)

This was awesome!

Crazy, awesome, good music

Even though I don't like Megaman...at all...I really liked this a lot & the song fit well.
For a first flash animation...this is WILD.I have seen animations like this done by
long-time flashers that were still lacking in comparison!I expect to see great things
from you in the future!5/5/Faved/Artist-Fave (Being a sprite flash doesn't hurt it any!)


big fan of mega man this song goes so perfect with the video but i guess protman was is still alvie (a sequel? :O) because i saw him standing on the left when it st was scrolling down the buiding left side in one of the windows. might been an easter egg but u see him for a split seecond i hope thats a sign for a sequel but as everyone else soung quality od dr.thoma light wasnt too well if u fix that this would be perfect great vid as i have said befor and keep up the work. great use of sprites.

I give you props on the message,

but the audio sounded choppy and I could barely hear thing Dr. Light was saying.

Amazing, stunning, captures the essence

Great work! This really captures the essence that is the rock opera Protomen are trying to convey. The atmosphere and settings are all very well planned and executed. I saw a few tares here and there where the masking and the tweening didn't quite match up, but on the whole, amazing work.

I can't wait to see more, if you are planning on creating any others!