Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

great work

amazeing work there KarmaKimmy7 for first timer. (in a good way) i hope to see more flash work from you in the future. ;)

P.S. you think you can do The Sons of Fate? (just asking)

pretty good

Very good considering it was your first flash.

I recently discovered the protomen, this flash is part of what led me to them and I can honestly say they are just incredible. so I thank you for that.

I would list everything that you did right but I literally wouldnt have enough space. so dont take it the wrong way.

Now on to some constructive criticism. While I do think this flash fit the song very very well I do think there are just a few small parts which could have been done a bit better.

The part where Dr. Light is holding onto Megaman as hes trying to break away sort of looks like hes shaking Megaman. If that was your intent then good job on that, if it was your intent though I think it makes less sense then Megaman is just trying to break his grasp.

When Megaman leaves I think it might have been more fitting if he ran up the stairs rather then down as in The Will of One he is on the rooftop at first I believe.

now that thats done with.

O.O metool, hide!!

Perhaps you would consider doing the rest of the songs if you have the time?

Overall: 9/10 and 5/5

Very good job for your first time and keep it up, I look forward to seeing more work from you.

Holy POOP!

This flash is AMAZING! It fits the music so well and the story it tells is great XD. Megaman FOREVER!


This flash was introduced to me by a friend...and all i could do was sit and watch in awe...this is by far one of the best flash movies i have EVER seen...and that Jim-Lst guy isnt very smart because he dosent know my best friend who is most definatley the biggest megaman fan ever! Anyways this was awesome keep up the good *sratch that* GREAT work.
Kudos and Goodluck

Good job....

One of the best Megaman related things iv'e seen. Keep making awesome videos!