Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

Liked the music

I think the vid went well with it of course there could have been some better close ups as have been previously stated but I really like the song so 8

preety well done

pretty well done,but you had constantly keeped on a large zoom,normally people are using drawings at such zoom.
And you used just sprites.
Also it dosen`t make much sense.
overall good game

not as great

....as the reviews before my own point out.
Seriously, this was a bit dissapointing, judging from the other reviews , this is overrated, graphics weren´t amazing, they were sprites, and on top of that, there were these close-ups, in which the sprites get all pixel-happy, which sets this movie in a poor start and tosses it downhill from there.The music wasn´t terrible, not what I would choose but not lacking in taste either (according to me, of course).

for the effort I shall give you.....7, for the animation and creativity

awsome song m8

awsome song aswell as the sprites good job
btw what is the remix in the end called u should post in audio portal

That Rocked!

Nice animation Man! Protomen Pwns