Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"


I loved it, music was great, animation fit perfectly, and the story behind it was a nice addition. I don't know why everyone's complaining about not being able to hear. I'm borderline deaf and I can understand it fine, well except for the parts where Light started screaming like a crazy homeless person.


Well, the video is well-made, and the song is not bad.
Don't be offended if I'm giving you 7, I don't consider 70% a bad rating, you know.

I think that perhaps you should put subtitles. I mean, the audio is not that good, so sometimes it's hard to hear the lyrics. Think about it.

Cheers, and keep it up, dood.

Well Done.

Ive been checking out newgrounds for as long as I can remember, never bother to make an account until just now, due to the comment below. It just irked me to much to see you get a 0 for a job so well done. Loved the song, and the animation that went with it, althought it wasnt crisp to perfection, can't ask for much more!
And to the guy below, How about before rating another flash, you think about the meaning and effort put into it before you toss a 0 ^^? I give ya 9. and yeah, like someone else said before, adding subtitles would likely help some~ Cheers!

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

Thank you very much! Yes, it's tough to not get irked myself by people just being random jerks. Luckily, I have gotten many more kind and wonderful reviews (and comments and messages ^.^) than I have gotten mean ones... and you guys make it much easier to toil away coloring megamans late into the night... haha.

And yah, subtitles are totally GO for The Will of One!

<3 - Kimmy


I am the biggest Megaman fan out there, literally. That being said, what the fuck? What is this?? The music sucked so much, it hurt to live. Seriously, next time you consider making a flash, PLEASE think about what you're doing.

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

And yet... you Favorited it. Next time you think about writing a review, PLEASE consider 'literally' pulling your head out of your ass. Thanks!

<3 - Kimmy


I could barely here the words, i liked the "old" effect that was put in and the animation were sprites yes (but that doesn't mean you have no skill)

I liked it frankly, only suggestion to add is that maybe u should add subtitle option perhaps?