Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

Screw the haters...

I love Protomen, that was one of the best music video flashes i've seen.
Seriously do more, PLEEEEEASE.

The Protomen

when you say "I can't wait to do more" do you mean that your going to make more flashes with the Protomen's songs in there? i hope so.
keep up the good work =]


sorry but D:

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

If you're going to give me a 2 you could at least give me a reason. Jerk.

That was awesome

That was awesome. The only thing i can add is the protomen should remaster or re-record this song cause the drums were banging your ear at certain parts.

uhuh uhuh uhuh

the music perfectly fits the scenario & setting, but at some points u can't quite understand the lyrics - better job next time ^^

gotta question: which megaman game is this? i've never seen or heard of this "other megaman", sry >.<