Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"


Nuff said.


And on that day megaman was born

AWESOME FLASH. I have never heard of the proto men but I will be looking for them from now on as that music rocked. Would love to get the names of some albums :D. Anyway....Great use of sprites, the mouthing was almost flawless which is very impressive. Was esp the bit where you placed the son in the fathers eyes, thought that was a genius stroke. Keep doing what your doing and hope to see more stuff soon :)


A very well made Flash!

And its very crazy that I ran across this. I've had the idea mulling in my mead for a bit now of doing this exact thing with the Protomen songs. (I should rage at you for getting to it first hehe ;) )

I like how you made the mouths actually be part of the sprite. I hate when people use game sprites and just use vectoring for the mouth to move (especially on "O" sounds)

I may try my hand at it myself still, but keep your work coming.


god i love the protomen, music videos only make me love them more because they give me an idea of what it is about. hey, uhh do you know if The Sons of Fate is a single or if they shortened it so it isn't 8 minutes long (a la System of a Down Aereals from Toxicity! Album to shortened version played on radio where the odd middle eastern chanting is omitted)?

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

Hmm I don't know. I don't think Sons of Fate has been made into a single, altho it would be an exellent idea for radio play. As far as I know they've gotten a lot of air time on small college-type stations... I'd be very interested to know which songs (or if there are any special versions of them) get played ^.^

<3 - Kimmy


poor protoman u know dude origanlly megaman/Rock and Roll died as well as Dr.light from zero and protoman suposed to survive to help auto built X