Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"


This is AWESOME! Superbly animated, it adds so much more to the song!

My god, you are awesome

Protomen are awesome, and I think you've done them justice with your music video.
I actually have dreams of creating videos for the whole album, so if you ever come across them (If I ever get started) please don't think I'm ripping you off.
Also, are there any more videos in the works based on their songs?

One of the boldest sprite flashes I've seen

I've heard these songs before, and I have to say, you animated the darkness of the story, and the emotions of the characters perfectly.

Great Job!

This is amazing.

You really really really need to do The Stand and Sons of Fate.

I will pay you to see that.

One of the best ever

Very, very good flash. You've obviously got heaps of talent, as well as a love of Protomen. Everything that your characters do in the animation just feels spot on and natural - Megaman and Light's expressions, the way they shift their gaze, the gestures they make. You capture every subtle nuance of feeling in the original song and bring it out in your animation.

10 out of 10. Please keep making flash - I can hardly wait to see more of your work!