Reviews for "The Protomen - Unrest"

" They can be saved by just one man "

" Thought it's something that you may not understand ". Yup, I sure don't. Care to explain that line? Even the protomen freaks I know weren't really able to do so, they just kept saying " it's probably referring to protoman ", which seems odd, since he was dead already when light was telling rock this.

Aside from that, awesome animation. I've been told I should check out this band many times but never actually did until I came across this, not dissapointed. Good job.

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

Thank you ^.^ Yes. The line is actually 'They CAN'T be saved by just one man.' Which makes a lot more sense, considering Dr. Light is explaining to Rock that he alone can't save mankind, just like Protoman couldn't, and doesn't want him to also get killed trying.

<3 - Kimmy

that was super

this is great

This was Epic!!!

Honestly, the song is truelly brilliant, but what really gets me is the great way you were able to tie the animation into the song. Nearly 100pct flawless. Very good job, I expect more from you!!!


you do the protomen proud, excellent work, nice way to tell the story and I look forward to more, I'd really like to see you cover the whole album from start to finish, but I realise that thats a huge load of work, again excellent work and keep it up


I've seen this at least 100 times already between here and youtube. I love the song and the animation that goes with it. You've pretty much singlehandedly made me a fan of The Protomen, not to mention your flash skills!

KarmaKimmy7 responds:

That's awesome ^.^ I'm so glad to have attracted so much positive attention for the band! Welcome to the resistance.

<3 - Kimmy