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Abusive Review Guide 2

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EDIT: Damn, missed out on Daily 5th by 0.06, but I got a Deity whistle. Proof that my guides work!

Welcome to the Abusive Review Guide 2!

This is a follow up to the original, and includes info on finding abuse, flagging submissions and even a short quiz!

Some parts are a bit text heavy, so if you don't fancy a bit of reading, just click the button that links to the quiz.

Keep in mind that this is mainly aimed for newbies, but all NG users can learn something useful from this guide.

Link to the original:

Please feel free to review, and recommend for the Newgrounds collection!

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Wow, this is great! I think I learned how to more accurately flag abusive reviews from this.
I just realized this was uploaded in 2008, and I still think it works well as a tutorial.

I'm curious, would saying something like, "My mom is a (f-slur)" be abusive, if your mom does not use Newgrounds?

yea i need to get my diety by the end of this year or next year great guide

im assuming reviews with just "lol" are still considered abusive and or spam right?

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Bit of a borderline one really, if it's a high score probably useless, if it's a low one probably abusive.

Thank you with your advice I shall start finding whistleable reviews now