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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide 2"

That's a great little flash you guys made there.

Wow, a found this guide very helpful for some recent regulars at Rage's post. You did a good job, and by the score many people agree with me.

The frame by frame use of tips was very effective. It kept it's point while going throughout the line of things that you should know. Many of these things start to lose track of themselves halfway through, but you guys kept it in line.

The advice itself was amazing, and so was that little quiz you threw in at the back there. It made me really think about what I had just read, which is good, because it made me go back again and read it one more time. You really kept mark of abusiveness of these things.

This was a great way to get people to keep trying to get Diety whistles, which will help all of NG in general. Making the world a cleaner place, with gold. I hope this REALLY influences more people into thinking, "Hey, I have this nifty little guide here, why don't I try to do something with it?"

You guys deserve an Epic Win award.

The only problem that I thought was with it, was that you couldn't change the musci at all, not that it wasn't good, it just got a little annoying after the fourth time it looped.

All in all, it was really helpful.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Wow, what an awesome review, thanks!

Glad that you found our hard work useful and informative. I might include an option to change song in future submissions, but for the moment you gotta make do with a mute button.

Very informative.

These need to have a permanent place on the site, for safekeeping or something. Maybe in the Help or FAQ sections, because it provides a lot of info about gray areas that aren't already covered.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Sadly there is no collection suitable for this. We might get an award for this if we are lucky, but other than that there is no way to keep this in the public eye, unless an admin spots it and puts it on frontpage or something.

Thanks for viewing


thanks for sheding even more light on abusive reveiwing on NG.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

No problem, it was my pleasure, and thanks for reviewing!


Some of my questions have been answered,
maybe soon i'll have a Deity whistle :D
[i can only hope...]

RohantheBarbarian responds:

I'm glad that this is helping you on the path to Deity. Thanks for reviewing,


I still think this is somewhat lacking though, I don't know I mean you have plenty of information and it's good to see you are talking about whistling submissions and how to. Still not too keen on all the text though and the red font doesn't work too well with the orange background. The audio is fine, which is great to have and all, as well as a mute button.

You added a quiz to this which is good but one major problem with this is that the questions aren't based on the information in the flash. I would suggest basing questions on the content of the flash, but it's good the way it seems to have been done with a try again method. Although still somewhat simple, a scoring system and such would be decent.

Not sure what more you could really add to this, a more entertaining way to present the main information would be a decent idea. I mean the quiz is a simple way to get information across but surly you can think of some clever way to get the main talking parts across. Try some wacky animation some time with some way of bringing points in.



RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review!

I know the animation is still a little weak, but I'm still learning at the moment, so I'm making baby steps in terms of animation.