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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide 2"

cool you taught me some new things about the wistle


Gratz on diety whistle, but cool!
I did learn a lot!

nice work man

this flash absolutely helpful but i have a question;If a review doesn't reviews the game ask questions(like this!!!) or comments some irrelevant themes like "your name reminds me ..." and other irrelevant things what do I have to do.
If I have to flag it please flag my review because I do the same thing

This game is really awesome!

I like this game!, Also my Whistle is Normal!, I really like Fro's Profile it is really awesome!

Thanks RohantheBarbarian and Fro

I have been trying to get a bronze whistle a while and a friend recommended this to me.And it has helped a lot.I use to be one of those users who would do those spam reviews but I joined the review request club and changed my ways.This was a lot more easy to understand than the review guidelines.There they just told you the wrong things to do but you gave explanations,examples,and also where to find some abusive reviews. Unfortunately RAGEs thread has been locked.I really think users should try to do a little researching to figure out an estimated whistle point amount per whistle.I did not know you can use google to.I just tested it and it turned out to give me 2 abusive reviews.Thank you very much