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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide 2"

Great job!

This is very helpful to most people on Newgrounds, obviously. At least it helps me! I only wish that more people could make tutorials like these, only about different subjects on Newgrounds. Hmm... Perhaps something Fulp should think about...

Anyway, you deserve this ten. But improve the graphics, k?

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks a whole bunch for the review!

why isn't this in the FAQ page somewhere?

overall, this is brilliant. there are one or two things i should point out though:

apparently, review mods actually have three options open to them when they get something brought to their attention. two of these were mentioned in the flash (deleting the review/flash and dishing out positive w.p, or clearing the review/flash, with negative w.p going to those who flagged it). according to a couple of mods, there is the option to clear a flash of flags without giving those who flagged it negative whistle points. apparently, this option is used when they get something that falls into a 'grey area' (like that "this flash is gay" review you mentioned, for example), where something doesn't technically break the rules, but any mod who sees it can certainly see the reason behind why it was flagged.
however, flagging borderline stuff like that will at best get you nothing (and may stuff your whistle; every mod is different, so each would likely have a slightly different opinion on where the line should be drawn here). i just wanted to mention it for people who watch this and think: "oh shit, i flagged something that didn't break the rules, even though it looked like it did!" that doesn't necessarily mean they/you WILL get bad w.p for it.

secondly (on a much shorter note): Rage's thread has now been locked due to prolonged misuse. people were automatically flagging stuff linked to in that thread, without actually thinking about what they were doing.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Those are fair points, however the point I was trying to make was that if you flag stuff on the borderline you are taking a huge risk, so it's not really worth it.

As for Rage's I'm aware that it has been locked but I no longer have the .fla for this or my other flashes so I can't change it. No reason that you can't continue to flag things anyway.

Thanks for the review.

Thanks a lot.

Because of you, I understood how the flagging system works, and because of that, I got a Deity Whistle, for all my hard work following this guide! This flash should be the first one new users on Newgrounds should see!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

I'm delighted this helped you get a Deity whistle, and thanks for the review.

thnx man

but i got one question how many times do you have to get wistle status points till you actually level up in wistle status because I've done like ten and it hasnt really worked and im really sure they needed to be flagged.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Nobody but the NG admins know how many successful flags are required to go up a whistle level, and they're unlikely to tell us ;)

Just keep flagging and you should level up soon enough. Thanks for the review.

Really nice but i have some questions...

Very useful to me. But i could add some pics and do better buttons for the next one if you gonna make another1 but still very useful. However some info is missing for me . E.g: What happens when a review is abusive but scores 10? or when it scores 4 or 3... is still abusive?
I don't know if its accurate but what happens when the authors reply and insult, flood or do text pictures or whatever , is not that a waste of review space? Why you can't post abusive reviews of your own flashes? And finally, i used 2 accounts to flag some 100% abusive reviews but one lose w.p. and became a garbage wistle, the another one was still bronce but i am sure it lose points too. I didn't know that it was forbidden . Thanks in advance for all and excuse me for the questions...

RohantheBarbarian responds:

If a review is really abusive e.g. "the author is a fucking fag" then it doesn't matter if the score is 10, 0 or whatever, it's still abusive.

Sadly no matter how abusive the author's reply may be, it can't be flagged.

Reviewing your own submissions is forbidden, so abusing your own would probably get you banned.

As for flagging abusive flashes and losing a whistle level, the most likely explanation is either that they weren't fully abusive or else some other reviews caused this.

Thanks for reviewing.