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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide 2"

I feel bad now.

I've been known to do that. But now I know, and I'll try harder!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Known to do what, write abusive reviews? Well then you my friend are a convert, and that makes all the work we did worthwhile.

Very Helpfull.

For those who don't understand this whole system should really look at this!
I see an abusive reviwe, FLAG! YAY!!!
thank you for the lesson.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

That's the plan! Sadly this will probably be forgotten about in a few days since it got nothing in terms of recognition, so spread the word!

Awesome work!!

This was a great guide to understanding abusive reviews. Great work to both Corky52 and RohantheBarbarian. This was a great guide and it helped me understand more than what I already knew. Also, I took the quiz and I got Deity ;) Anyways, great job, Corky and Rohan!

I also just want to say awesome job to the review mod's and everyone on Rage's Abusive Review thread. You guys are awesome and everyone on that thread all pitches in and helps filter Newgrounds with getting rid of the spam and unnecessary reviews that Newgorunds doesn't need. Great job guys!

10 / 10
.:.Review Request Club.:.

RohantheBarbarian responds:


Joking, but seriously man, thanks a bunch for reviewing, I'm glad you found our work to be a helpful guide.


Always good to have an etiquette lesson. I'm sure everyone knows Newgrounds has been needing one all too well. It was very informative and made me aware of new information. I must admit that during my five years of frequenting Newgrounds (three years as a registered member), I've written a dumb review or two (or three...). I appreciate your efforts and now I'm going to put my newfound skills to work!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Everyone knows there are a large proportion of NGers who would benefit from seeing this, so feel free to give a link to any newbies you see who ask questions about the whistle system.

Thanks for reviewing!

Well. it's good, it's to the point...but...

My question is, why do you people BOTHER?I think you should all just forget about
the reviews and go get a life, jeez...
Either way, I suppose this flash was well done & that it took some work, so 5/5.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Some people spend time on NG posting in the BBS, some spend it playing games, some spend it B/Ping, some flag abuse. Simple as that.

As for why do we do it, go ask a review mod, see what they tell you ;)