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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide 2"



All it's done is made us all more knowledgeable about what to flag, so we can all get our whistle ranks up and have more fun on NG. STUPID IDEA!!!

I would have made that "abusive" review a bit more stupid, but I wouldn't want to risk people reading the first 2 lines and flagging it...
Seriously though, this is a great flash you've made. Not only will many people find this useful, but it will help to make NG a better place!

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Lol the irony is delicious!

Jokes aside, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

very nice tutorial :D

very informative and helpful, im using the advicein here to try and get a bronze whistle :)

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing!

Definitively a 10 stars worth tutorial :)

Even if the graphics weren't mind blowing, they were a lot better than the last guide. A thing that I liked about this tutorial was the quiz section, I got a deity whistle :P
The tutorial was very useful and it had some tips that you can't find in the review guidelines, thumbs up on that, guys ;)
Conclusion: Excellent guide :D

Voting details:
Voted 5: Voted while judging, no info available.

Note: Thanks for whishing me a happy birthday Rohan :3
Note 2: And corky, good luck on becoming a review moderator, even if you're still have a long way, you're even more closer ;)


RohantheBarbarian responds:

Happy b-day man, I'm happy that you found it useful and thanks for reviewing!

Second times the charm

I really have to hand it to the both of you. You really improved on the last one. I enjoyed this one and even the quiz at the end. I got one question incorrect (8). But still everything is good over here. This one is far more in depth and that's another thing I enjoy about it.

I'll see you both in the review topic. :)

RohantheBarbarian responds:

See you in Rage's thread!

Thanks for reviewing man, glad that you though it was an improvement.

Very helpful, you two!

I loved it. It was very useful to new users and had a bunch of info about them. You have pretty much all the rules, examples, and instances that could possibly ever involve abusive reviews! Graphically, it was not the best, the same beam backgrounds. But, it doesn't matter for the most part. The music choice was a nice touch. Good thing you didn't use the FDA Handbag Loop. It's way overused in Newgrounds related flash. You guys are great at making tutorials for Newgrounds. Maybe consider a "How-to-Review" guide next. Heh, either way, nice job, RTB and Corky.


RohantheBarbarian responds:

Great idea yoshi, I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the review.