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Reviews for "Abusive Review Guide 2"

the main 'meat' is solid

I'm still dubious about your claim that 'negative whistle points are worth more than positive ones'. Where did you get this info?

Other than that, this was generally a great tutorial - logically presented info and I liked the way you closed with a quiz. And the post-question parts of the quiz made sure the answer was understood - good stuff!

After muting the music, I couldn't seem to turn it on again though.

Also, the typography/visual design is pretty boring and not really in the theme of NG. Lose the Times New Roman, put in something like 'Hit the Road' and 'Featured Item'. Make the bg closer to the NG colours, then lighten it up. Don't use blue or red text - just black.

Those are my niggles, but the main 'meat' is solid.\

I love the fact that you linked to the google page - that's something I might not have found out otherwise.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. You lose more points from a cleared flag than you gain from a deleted one.

The music has a 3-4 second delay before it starts, are you sure it wouldn't restart?

I will improve the visuals in the future.

Thanks for a great review!


It's as nice as the first one. Everything is pretty well explained and again your style of writing is very pleasing (ie. no typos, no harsh language where it isn't necessary, etc.).

The quiz at the end was a nice addition, but I think it would have been better if it calculated the points itself instead of letting me chose how many points I made.

I found a bug while clicking through the pages. If the music is turned off and I go back to the very first page, the music starts to play again, even though the button doesn't have a red line through it.

{ Review Request Club }

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review!

My flash skills are still a work in progress, so I will endeavor to ensure that none of the flaws you pointed out repeat themselves.


One important thing I learnt from the quiz was that marking reviews useless is not going to add whistle points towards my next whistle! So thats why I'm still on normal. I'll take care flagging reviews from now, and make sure I'm not flagging it for no reason.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

I'm glad this helped you learn something, and thanks for reviewing!

Pretty Good

A pretty good tutorial/quiz. The tutorial was cool, although the sound on/off feature was a bit confusing, because I thought that when it was when the red line was in front of the speaker, it meant sound off, not on. The quiz was an interesting feature. However, I got 6-7 questions right, and I have a gold whistle, not a silver whistle. Also, there maybe should have been some sort of menu, instead of everything being on that front page with the arrows. Overall, an interesting tutorial & quiz.

~ Z

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Thanks for the review!

Maybe I should have been clearer about the sound button. If it displays the speaker with the line through it, that means the sound is currently ON but clicking it will turn it OFF.

The whistle you get from the quiz is based on how well you do, you could have a Garage whistle but still get Deity in the quiz.

In future I will include a menu.

Solid Attempt that needs refining ...

First, going to judge the flash on appearance and going to be honest with this whole review.

The background and text clashed with each other. After a while, background stand out so much that hard to read the text and keep focus. Might want to focus on appearance in upcoming projects so the attention won't be taken away from the meaning, but at the same time, people will stay interested. Like having white text on a black background, yeah, everyone can read it, but so dull no one is going to read. On the same token, a flash background or bright background makes takes away from a text. Just felt like both were competeing for attention. And adding the flash textt for the quiz just felt like a brawl.

I would suggest choosing a mild, but intersting background that compliments the text.

Ok, for the actual content. I'll start with pre quiz. Nice content, very basic, and easy to understand. Just thats all it is. Basic, should go into more details about types of reviews. You didn't mention anything about chain reviews, links promoting outside sites, or just links in general.

As for the quiz (thx for the shout out ;P)
1. Question 6. I wouldn't use that as an example, basically that can be considered insulting the artists. So that is questionable, and the deragotory language is frowned upon most of the time.

2. Question 8. I think you worded it the wrong way. A point is a point, so one positive point is equal to one negative point. I think you ment to say, "A deleted review is gained less positive whistle points than a cleared review with negative whistle points. Same with flash entries.

Overall solid attempt, lacking finer details and visuals, however still good job. Pretty sure alot of new comers are going to find this helpful. Also, might want to poke around for alot more faqs on people's userpage. But ....

7/10 and 4/5

RohantheBarbarian responds:

A review mod's review. The most important one of all.

Anyway, you made some excellent points there, and I guess the questions could have been better phrased.

In my desperation to liven up the background, I may have made it difficult to read, sorry about that.

Thanks for a great review (and you are welcome for the shout-out :P)