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There Once Was a House...

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Update: Wow, thanks for the Front Page. Very much appreciated. This animation came about as merely a test in the drawing style that I used in this animation. So please try not to get put off too much by the poor voice quality and so forth. And thanks for everyones reviews. I'll keep all your comments in mind for next time. ;)

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Summary: A little boy is dared to go up to the house and knock on the door, but going into the house would be a bad idea.

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the od lady scared you? sissy!

Pretty Cool

I like your drawing style and all. Even though the old woman kinda of scared with the part where she went "Graa!" xD the girl was kind of freaky but I still it's nice. The story is well told ^^

Malice leads to bad results...

Almost chilling.

I really liked the style in which you drew the heads, but not the backgrounds, with the thicker strokes that didn't really seem to fit in the scratchy style.

Mic noise was a slight distraction and the tune at the end could have been better faded out, but the story is generally well told.

Malice leads to bad results...

Heh ^.^

This was really interesting to watch because it featured one of my songs. Kinda' odd and really cool at the same time! lol

Thank you for giving me credit for my work. Not a lot of people share that habit.

I thought this was an interesting animation. I like your style! Do you use programs other than Flash Studio 8?

I will say that the girl scared the hell out of me, more so than the old lady, lol.

Good job, bud! If you ever need music for any other animation, let me know what you are looking for and I'll make it for you!

-Cremlin Rose

Zandoid responds:

Thanks. Your music had a good sense of tension which was really nice.

Programs other then Flash 8? I mainly just use flash 8 to do flash movies, but I may some day start implementing photoshop into future movies. Other then flash, I do 3D work using 3DS MAX 8.

Anyway, thanks for the offer for making music for me. I may take you up on that offer in the future. :D

Ow the cheese

This would make a nice opener to a teen horror movie. follow this with another 2 episodes to give the history and end to this house of terror. p.s. funny vocals mostly cause of the girl.

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2006
1:05 AM EST