Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

Dear Stonecycle,

Number one: You are as ugly as them, so you are trying to redeem yourself.
Number two: You can't draw any better.
Number three: You already do. And eat it too, shitface!

Holes and Positives stuff.

By holes i mean what isnt really that perfect in this movie.The sound acting of this movie was ehm.. A bit the same on all characters wich made me acctualy think the girl more of a boy. Just with Ponytails. You maybe used the same voice actor all along i dont know i did not read the text before the movie started but anyhow. This movie is over all good,But it could be excellent. If not the quality of the sound and voice acting would draw down on it. Graphics was definitly a possitive thing in this film. Can see how you have spent some time drawing and for the lenght of this movie i think it was a decent frame rate. A bit choppy from time to time but you it didnt bother me.

Improvements that would make this flash worth a 5 - Change the girls voice,looks and make the legs a slightly bit thicker. Something thats just for the realistic feeling in it. I know this is demanding alot but if i am to give the highest of fair numbers on this movie i require the grounds for it.
4/5 Great movie,improve the sound a bit and its 5/5 and this is a bit beyond flash for me. More art. Good Job :).

Something Is Crappy

Hey It was a good idea but the movie whas a bit short and whats with the grandma ? and the sound whas pretty good but only the scream sucked.. anyways keep up the good work but it can be better

It wasn't bad

Good graphics. Nice Idea. There were only two things about the movie that sucked. The sound. but only at the door knock and the grandma.
and the movie was a bit too short. But that doesn't matter. The only thing that mattered was the sound. You should have made the grandma scream way harder. But a nice overall movie though. Good job

wow.... dunno what to say...

except: Great movie! well made and a little creepy, the sound wheren't too good though, and the old lady in the chair didn't make a scary sound at all, I nearly laughed when I heard it, other then that: Great! superb! excellent, et cetera, et cetera, keep it up!