Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

That blew apple chunks

What kind of weak ass haloween shit were you goin for?


not toobad

Not bad, good artwork.

Basic animation, but good art work. People complain the sound isnt good enough, but I understood perfectly. Good short, easy for a small scare.

Short and Morbid

As was said before, great animation and art style. The sound was a bit under the bar, but not enough to be distracting. Very short and morbid story... on that note, the inside of the house reminded me of the very inside of the house of the game "Ex-Mortis" here on Newgrounds. Have you played it? The inside is like an inverse of the inside of this house. Good job.


I give you one tip:
The animation was awesome,and the backgroundmelodies too,but the sound of the dialogs was so shitty(well,damn shitty,you cant even understand them half...so bad) that i gave you an 8 instead of a 10.
graphics were nice,although the girl looked like a boy(which is sometimes the case in real life too^^,thats why it isnt so bad),andthe boy looks sometimes a bit old(not a big problem,its quite good,really!)
The style was awesome,because it was an enormous dramatic in the storymit made me think of a movie...only the cheep sound efects and voices made me think other wise again.
Im sorry for saying again and again,that the dialog/soundefects were bad...maybe it depended on the 10 mb ng lvl.
so,good work at all,i would love to see this movie again in good quality!
so far so good, 7/10,the onlthing desturbing me was the sound,which is easy to take care of!