Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

Good, but can be improved.

I really liked the art style in this flash. It seems sort of familiar, but unique at the same time. I assume I don't have to get into how horrible the sound quality was and how cliché the plot seemed, since you did mention that you were just testing out the art style. The background looked great, but it seemed too still. The lightning effects were really good, but it needed a bit of cloud movement. Maybe even a little bit of a wind effect on the tree branches, if you really wanted to get into it. The few drops of rain hitting the boy in the face came out good, but the pouring rain seemed kind of cheesy. The only other things that seemed a bit off with the graphics is the fire and the blood hitting the window. I can't really but my finger on it, but they seemed like they lacked a bit of detail, compared to the rest of the flash. On the subject of detail, I really like the way the characters look. The girl's features are a bit...well, grotesque, which really seems to fit her rather nasty attitude. I don't know if you were aiming for that, but either way it worked out nicely. As for the music, I think that it really fit the genre of the animation, and the style very well. It kind of really pulled it all together. Lastly, I like the way it feels sort of unfinished at the end. It doesn't get into how or why they are killed, and it also leaves room for another little story if you really felt like making it into a mini-series or anything spiffy. Well, I believe that sums up all my thoughts and opinions. ^^;;

On a side note, I'd like to add that I enjoyed the sound of the blood hitting the window. I don't know, it sounded silly and it made me giggle.

it's okay, but not great

the animation was interesting, but had there been a bit more of a story line, and had the girl not looked like a boy, AND had there been more than one person doing the voice acting and it had been a bit more enthusiastic, this would have been much better.


I loved the details, the style was a nice darkness to it. and everything else was pretty good. another thing I loved was the music keep it up.

It was...unique...

Now, since you might be new, let me start by saying that something OVERLY original like this is a GREAT way for a fresh, blooming movie maker to get used to animation, voice acting, and the such.
But you might want us to fairly judge, so let me give you a run-down:
*The graphics were a little too bulky and hand-drawn looking, but, of course, this might have been the style you were aiming for...It doesn't quite fit well for a horror though. The 10-year old boy looked like a boy at first, but when hewalked inside the mansion, he looked like a miserable man with 5-o'clock shadow...and so did the girl...o.0 Not very descriptive, and too volatile of a change in your art style.

*The movie was a little TOO original, but, again, an all-original, simple movie is a great "self training video" for an animation-maker wannabe.

*The sound was a little off, and the voice acting was...well, unique...You sound like one of the characters from Fable! What kind of British is that, Western? Maybe it's not British, maybe it's something else...

*I know you intended this animation as a horror, and it was definitely apparent and all, but I can't HELP but give it SOME score in Humor--I mean, who DOESN'T find the annoying voice acting and the little old lady who eats heads kind of funny?

Overall, you did pretty good, if you're a beginner...if you're NOT new at this kind of stuff, well......

The house interior

Either purposely or unintentionally looked A LOT like the one from the spoilsbury toastboy movies. Good movie!