Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."


All he had to do was knock. Just knock! A simple "knock and go" situation. But noooo. Hes gotta go get all curios and go inside. Friggin kids these days.
Animation was pretty good but the vioces could use work.

End of line.


Kinda scary but why would he even go inside the house anyway if he was scared at the beginning?

wow that sucked

yeah that was pretty boring and pointless nearly made me fall back asleep and be late for my job the voices were annoying as hell to


That was totally retarded and idiot, i wonder why do people like making videos like this. You got an old mansion, an unsuspicious man/woman, and something sudden happens.Thats boring and the animation was also crappy.


It actually scares me.... either I'm a pussy, or it's a little shocking. I really like the way they are drawn. It was great. The girl sounds kinda like a boy but, some girls do so. You did a great job. The humor is for the blood splattering on the window. *pshh*