Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

One of the best things I've seen in a while

This was all types of great! Great look, short and ummm.... sweet? But in any case I'm going to nit pic, because I believe strongly that everything can be made better. 2 small things.
1. Change the loading color bar. The bar for loading blended in with the house so I couldn't tell it was loading till it was almost done. (Told you, nit pic.)
2. As soon as I heard a voice I thought Salad Fingers. Just reminded me of that. Not sure if you wanted to do that, but thought I should let you know.

Anyway nice work. One of the best I've seen! Keep it up!

great job but try harder

the artwork was great but the sound not so much. work a bit more on the voices and that will get the right kind of atmosphere for these kinds of movies.


The Old Lady Scared The Shit Out Of Me!
Nice Make More Episodes Of This


you have a brilliat and creepy mind man. this was real creepy and scared me when they both died and the old lady..... you should make a sequel or series!

Scary !!!

That girl was scary or what!! C'mon guys if any of you really didn't like it its because you got scared just as I did, and you did not expect to get frighten by a flash, but hey the guy has got style!