Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."


Well, this is one of those movies isn't it? Hmmm... This was good, but a tad bit short, and it has a open ended ending, which might lead off to a new one. It did startle me that one time, I wasn't expecting it. Tell me, will you make a second short movie to go with this one?

Zandoid responds:

Probably not. Was only a test animation, and I'm busy with other projects. But ya never know.

Incredibly bizarre

Very strange animation but interesting none the less. good work.

Pretty nice

The one way i reckon you could improve is to maybe Fine cut the details a little bit as During some scenes the Children looked like Middle aged Midgets they had some severe wrinkles which just looked bad

Other than that though they were great and as was the story other i got a few more questions though
1: How does a old granny decapitate both a boy and a girl...With her teeth?
2: Why is there no struggle? assuming the boys age would be around his early teens (10-11) and the girl a little older Surely they would be able to overpower her...Especially if they were fighting for their lives
3: Why does she just attack them? most modern serial killers Normally have some fore-thought before they commit murders and thus gives her no reason to attack the children for all she knows the Girl could be the daughter of a Prominent member of Society or something like that


Zandoid responds:

1. I'll leave that up to your imagination.

2. Well, don't assume too quickly that the boy's still alive when the girl goes in. Besides, the old lady might not be just any normal old lady.

3. As for the time when this animation is set, it might not necessarily be set in modern day. As for the old lady's intensions. Well, who knows. People with psycological problems don't always listen to reason.

I hope i answered your questions properly enough for you. Have a nice day.

great job but try harder

the artwork was great but the sound not so much. work a bit more on the voices and that will get the right kind of atmosphere for these kinds of movies.

Nice.. try...

You know, to the previous guy, I first thought that review was awfully mean.

And then after the first minute of it, I stood up and declared,
"This blows apple chunks."