Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

Yeah, I jumped...

Graphics: The drawings were better than most things I've seen around here, and the actionscripting was smooth.

Sound: Next time, I'd suggest having someone else help with the voices. Maybe an actual girl for the girl's part.

Violence: Yeah, old lady bit their heads off, can't get much more violent than that.


Not very inovative

I felt that this flash was too short and made little if any sense. There was no established story within the house, just a haunted home with a old lady in a rocker who likes to decapitate children who trespass. I understand that this is just a short and not a feature length movie, but this just didn't make sense. And because it made no sense, it wasn't the least bit scary; excuse me now I have to go finish watching "The Ring 4".



i saw thes ;ast night at 11 and it was freaky no lights on good work

Nice Horror

Good Horror plot, a few improvements could be nice. Such as making the girl a little less ugly. Maybe improving the audio a bit, because after the boy died and the blood spread on the window I think she said that she was gonna go in the house and get the boy. But i think not too many people heard it. Maybe add a scene where the girl and the boy are in a dark room chained jump and the grandma comes in before u see their heads on the fireplace. Good choice of music. Anyways, good but not the best movie. Improvement can be made but still pretty decent.

Good horror

Good horror nice plot...how did the girl end up there anyway?Lol is the grandma a cannibal?nice good plot with nice graphics...sound can be inprove tho.Looking forward for ur another piece of work