Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."


you have a brilliat and creepy mind man. this was real creepy and scared me when they both died and the old lady..... you should make a sequel or series!

i liked it!

beautiful music man. and just right to set the mood i suppose, but that rail-like british girl was horrific! i thought that it was one of jimmy's guy friends... not some transvestite, anorexic, English (of all things), dyke. sorry but she was more frighting than six times this story.. 'sides that, it was enjoyable. nice touch on how the credits come up before the story's conclution.

pretty good...

it was pretty good and kind of funny but the girl looked retarded(no offense).


That was one of the weirdest flashes I have ever seen on Newgrounds. But weird means good and weirdest means FUCKING AWESOME!


my friend just screamed bloody murder and blood just splattered all over the window, what should i do next......i know i'll go inside, doo de doo de doo, AAAAAAAH *dies* lol