Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."


I almost shhite myself (not). Needed to be longer was meant to be scarybut it wasn't. What was up with the lisps.

that was scary!

though the storyline was old but still that was a good attempt.i really could'nt believe that the boy would be so stupid as to enter the house and actually walk over to the old fangs after he acted so scared while going in.the ending was really gruesome.......good work.work on something orignal next time coz u have gotta talent.

Good But Can Be Improved

I liked it. I really liked it. I thought the sound could work if you had made the picture black and white or sepia with popping sounds and images like an old horror movie from the older times of the thirties and forties. That would've hidden the fact the sound was of a lower quality than most flashes. It would've worked with this flash. The story was typical but the art was MAGNIFICENT. Wow! I loved your art and style but the style of the story has such a been there and done that feeling to it. Ponder on something more original but with the same level or art as this along with either better sound or my sepia/black white picture idea and you'll have an instant Newgrounds classic.


I really like this. Sound could be better, but, meh...I especially enjoyed how the plot ran through the credits. Very creative. Well done!


When he came to the door and went inside, I was like,"OMG WHAT THE FREAK IS HE DOING!" As he was approaching the old lady, I got freaked out and minimized the screen before I saw what happened. lol The sound filled in the visuals though of what happened. Nice flash - just wish the chick had a another voice. :)