Reviews for "There Once Was a House..."

A plain decent flash

I swear I've seen that same interior (the hallway and stairs) in an old movie once,but can't quite remember it..
The movie though,was fine enough. The graphics were superb.
The rest wasn't.
So if you chip in good voice-acting and plot the next time,you'll have a sloberknocking winner,my man. =)


i liked the animating even if it was a little jerky. also would it have killed you to get a real girl to do the voice? one other thing, the "plot" wasnt all that original, i mean 2 kids go into a house and get killed. thats it. maybe you could have put more thought into that.

not bad

not bad at all, the voices were crackin me up, especially the girl. The graphics were so-so, and it was a little short, but on a whole you did ok.


I loved that! At the beginning i wasn't sure if the person with red hair was a girl or a boy because of the face, but once you were able to see the entire body and hair i was able to tell it was a girl. Other then that, it was a well done short flash. I liked the ending...i didn't see that coming...! Great job! I liked your style and the accents the characters had. Made me happy! Although it was a little creepy, but i guess that is what you were going for...after all it's about a scary house...

Really scary...

GRAPHICS - The characters looked a bit choppy but I guess that's your style. The characters were very ugly but i'm not saying the drawings suck. It's a scary story therefore the characters must look like that. Overall, I really liked it.

STYLE - Yours is a lot different from many flash artists, which is unique, which I like.

SOUND - The voices were big letdown, and so were some of the sound effects. It was like a scream into a microphone. But you got major points for the music. Throughout it was scary especially around the second half of the flash.

VIOLENCE - There was some, but you can't see it. Blood splatter okay, but the heads at the end... man that creeped the fuck out of me.


HUMOR - Well... the characters looked funny and the boy's scream at the end was funny. And I guess the looking at the severed heads made me laugh a bit.

Well done, I'm looking forward for more flash from you typically this type of scary flash. It would've been perfect for Halloween, but I guess it was late. (9/10) (5/5)