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The Big Fat Tutorial

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Composition, Rain, Masking, movie clips and more. A great source for the beginner as well as the more advanced flash user! Also contains instructions on building a v-cam for your flash movies!

Note: you may want to adjust the quality to medium (right click>quality>mediu m)
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People seem to have trouble with the easter eggs, so I'm gonna give some directions (I thought they were all so obvious):

Firstly there's access to the sound test hidden on the main menu. It's a small hidden button that's attached to the top left video screen. Mouse around the swing-arm joint.

In the Masking section there's a button in the shape of a lady's panties in the right side of the screen about half way down. You can click it at any page, but if you have trouble, flip to the page with the actual female figure and point to her nether regions. This takes you to a night club scene with some info on the music used in the tutorial.

At the end of the credits sequence there's a rather large button in the shape of a bar wrapped around one of the lines of text that hangs on the screen as the music fades. This will take you to an object viewer. You'll have a spy glass to view descriptions of some of the various objects that were made for the tutorial. There are several pages.

Also, if you're paying attention, there's several places during the tutorial where there's a funny-looking black scribble down near something. That scribble is very small text that you can zoom in to actually read about where to find the Easter eggs.

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Nice job man! Really liked it!

Even with tutorials like these I cant animate for the life of me. I guess some people would understand better than me XD

I do like the music choices especially the Balloon fight one

You did scare me priceless with the ''something may jump out of a sudden'', but still greatly useful!

Holy cheese man!!!! thanks so much for the camera action script it is the most holy of all the action scripts i've seen. you are the best man

You made a Big Mistake

This Isn't Newbie Productions, it's pro's Productions

Helbereth responds:

Actually, I'd only been doing Flash for a couple months when I made this. So, technically, it's definitely produced by a n00b.