Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


it's really good and very useful, good graphics, well explained... ad funny! 10/10

( Although I couldn't wrap my head around the camera tutorial... i'm quite new at flash and it'd probably have to be broken down so a baby could understand it, before I could LOL )

Helbereth responds:

Thanks, I did try to be funny as much as possible.

I'm probably going to make another tutorial that will delve into the areas I didn't go over in this, and will get into more detail with the camera.

Thanks for the review!

all i can say is wow

awsome stuff man, that flast tut really helps, it would be good if you could put in some animation techniques and such.. like a walking sequence or somthing.
great job though
definate 5

Helbereth responds:

I felt that increasing the file size any more would be pushing it. I'll probably do a sequel with a similar format but with all new techniques... If I can keep it under 5 I could rerelease the whole thing, but I'll probably just make 2 separate tutorials.

If anyone has suggestions for tutorials send me an email (address is in my comments).

the wost flash ever

U SUX lol

hi buddy I rember when the fairys first came out *sigh* good times good times
but when I got told you put it here ( well I guess I was the last to kown ) I when to have a look
well done my friend well done lets just hope you can keep your standeds this high

Helbereth responds:

That's what I like to hear. I suck!

Yes, friends! the new Turbo-Ginsu... it slices... it dices and makes three kinds of...

err... what was I saying?

I'm a perfectionist, so my standards are high automatically. Hence, I'll likely HAVE to keep them this high - if only to keep myself satisfied...

Thanks for the review!


Very helpful! God bless ya.


wow I learned some stuff, but mostly the style was amazing, it pulled me in. if you had some textures to the ferns, and that close tree, i would have been completely engrossed.