Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


Best Tutoria I see in newground. The best.

Helbereth responds:

Why thank you. I hope everyone shares that sentiment.

Very Nice

Very cool guys this was really nice for you to take your time and effort to teach idiots like me to flash ill give ou a 5/5

Helbereth responds:

Guys? I am a one man army. All anyone else did was test it to see what was wrong... they didn't actually fix anything... =)

but I digress...

This is good stuff!

yes, this worths to be at the top!

Helbereth responds:

I hope Tom and Wade agree.

Very Very good =D

Nicely done, thx for all the info and the care for details

Helbereth responds:

Life is not about the details -- but flash is. I tried to be as thorough as possible.

I might just go through someday and figure out just how much text is in this thing (Including the little text sections that drop hints about easter eggs).


nice tutorial!

Helbereth responds:

I'll take any good review I can get!