Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

A great tutorial

Easy to follow and straight to the point.
Great tutorial. Good job.


Wow, I already knew everything else but that camera thing was useful. Thanks!

best totorial EVR

the actionscript is wrong though, there are erors mainly

**Error** Symbol=camFrame, layer=Actions, frame=1:Line 1: Syntax error.
unction camControl():Void {

i know your not the actionscript person but any help would be apreciated

other then that the best one on NG =]

A most excellent tutorial

This might possibly have been the best tutorial ever. Even though I somewhat lost you now and then ( I have just begun learning flash ) you still managed to teach me a whole bunch of new techniques. Especially the last one is amazing, yet so relatively easy to animate.

I'm hoping to see more flash tutorials coming from you! 10 out of 10 and a 5 out of 5!


to really be honest...this is one of the best tuts ive ever seen.
quite alot of tuts are hard to understand...this want however.
the king guy was the guy from taskeki's castle wasnt it?