Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

Helpful but annoying at some points

Overall it was extremely helpful and i have learnt quite a bit from it, but what annoyed me was the Faires and the crashing plane, they werent really necesary, but thats all that got to me. The rest was perfect

Helbereth responds:

Most of that I made to keep myself interested while working on the descriptions etc..

Look at the credits... they're completely overdone, but I had fun making them.

This is great!

I've always had trouble with BG's but now I feel more confident with them.
Overall, it's good, butI would have expected more than just six sections for it to be named "The big fat tutorial", however you seem to demonstrate all of these areas with quality.

Helbereth responds:

I did try.

The sections I covered were based on suggestions made at the time... or queries on how to do certain things like the masking and rain.

good but...

Pretty good, I learnt alot of things from it, but, when i try the camra, all that comes up when i publish it is a white screen (and yes i have actually put things on the stage lol ) Help?


it was very instructional. i liked the music you put in there.


very nice tutorial!