Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


i like all the examples and all its amazing but needs more effects!
also needs more interactive things
submit a second part please!


To this day this is my favorite flash tutorial. When I first started using flash this helped me a lot. So pretty much, thanks for teaching me the basics of flash way back when!


My new movies gunna take place on the rain, so, im going to give credit for the atmosphere and the rain sections!rate:5/5 comment rate:10/10

i really really really really like this!!

i think this will help a lot im not exactly new to flash but now im actually wantin to take it seriously and make full animations so this will be a lot of help and i wanna use that camera trick!!

I liked it but...

i really liked it but for someone to be new to flash try and do this,it can be very intimidating and hard

Helbereth responds:

It is a bit more advanced than the basic 'how to draw a circle', but I went on the assumption that by the time they got to this, people basically already knew most of the functions in flash.

On the tutorial page it's listed under artistic references, which it really is. Most of what it teaches is about how to make dynamic backgrounds. I did spend a fair amount of time with the first few lessons on how to use the tools, but I wasn't just showing how to use them, but how you can use them to make certain things.