Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

Great tutorial...

But for the rotation (eg. the swirl) you could just have put two identical keyframes with a motion tween, and set the rotation to eg 1 clockwise in the properties for the tween. Still good though :D.

Helbereth responds:

Hmm... never heard of that particular function.

Anyway, thanks for the review!


so i was like, lookin around trying to un-noob myself, when i stumbled across this. it was mad ill... i didnt learn anything, but thats my own fault, lol. good work dude, btw, IM WORKING MY ASS OFF ON THE PEICE I NEED DONE FOR TOMMOROW! (friday) yeah... its gunna blow hardcore.

Wow...If Only I knew how to discifer all of that..

I still can't animate, but I can play the guitar really well!
I am looking for someone who can help me make music videos for some of the covers I make...but Reading/Doing isn't my Fortee, I must have a more hands-on approach, as in someone's there to show me/explain and I can ask questions.
Anyway, if I e-mail you the covers, would you make music videos for me? You could post them here if you want...but I mostly need them for soundclick....lol...yes I know, selfish and cruel...but I have tried/tried but I can't get the lip syncing right and guitar strumming very diffacult, hell, even if you send me the layers all animated/stuff, I'll make it with those materials, I am a terrible artist and I can't do crap with a mouse nonetheless a pencil @.@ If you'd do either of my requests for me, that'd be Awesome ^^

Helbereth responds:

Well, first let me thank you for viewing it even if you weren't able to understand it.

Unfortunately I'm backlogged with about 3 years of animationm to do in my spare time (this is a hobby, not a career... yet), so I don't think I'll be able to squeeze anyone in, really.

I'll be making another one of these in the near future, and it will go into character animation and will likely go over lip synching... getting guitar strumming to look right probably requires timing it to the music in some way. I haven't even attempted that yet.

Anyway, thanks for the review!

If only it would go back to main menu instead

Thank you, I learned a great deal from this tutorial.
It is the main reason why I finally decided to pick myself up a copy of Flash.

Haven't successfully translated it all yet, although others seem to have been able to 'pick it up'. lol -- this is not your lack, rather, it is my fault that these things have not yet found their way to my screen.
(ie., Tinting was fairly straightforward. The faery, not as easy to follow the guidelines.
Understood the concept behind it, but unable to duplicate. There seemed to be a disparity with my version of Flash to yours. :D) Then again, although most of the time you would tell your audience where to find things EXACTLY, not always were you so meticulous. It was awesome, though, and I appreciated your explanations.

It might just come down to practice, practice and forever practice. That, and really getting to know my version quite a bit better.

Drawing with a mouse seems to compound the challenges. Regretfully will be not be getting a tablet to work with.

Looking forward to your next installment, for I have thoroughly enjoyed this offering. Hope that you will be able to perhaps give hints as to how to shade/draw using alphas, and how to illustrate illusion of night time or storms.

One last thing, please: It is frustrating that I have not found 'back to main menu' at the end of each tutorial. Must start it up all over again. Regret if I have been doing things wrongly, and request for next time to make it easier to do so. Furthermore, your intro is breathtaking. I just wish not to see it every time I load up (which is frequently - lol) Perhaps a 'skip' function?

Thank you, and once again, this is just about perfection in the nutshell.

Helbereth responds:

Well, firstly - and not to be patronizing - allow me to inform you that - contrary to your apparent inability to see the button - there is a menu button visible on every screen of every part of the tutorial. It's the big rectangular blue one with the gradient animation dead center on the bottom of the screen (right next to all the music buttons). That will get you back to the menu. It's even visible in all the easter eggs, and in the bottom left during the credits.

Also, there is a skip button during both the studio ad and the newbie animations intro. Bottom right... it's a little gray button that says 'skip'.

As for the next installment, that entirely depends on when I finish the animation I'm working on now. The fact that it's time sensitive means I should be getting onto the next version of this tutorial by April 2006.

As for the sections where I was less specific, they generally occured when I had already explained that particular action earlier in the tutorial (they're designed to be viewed in order from top left to bottom right on the menu).

Anyway, thanks for the good review and good luck in the future!

Nice Job, Helb.

Deffinatly the best tutorial I've seen. I learned so much! ......now I just need to got get Macromedia. Lol. Anyway, this is good. Nothing to complain about. And nice move putting our link up, we'll get more members now. God knows we need them. Your rising. You'll be a top notch animator once day. Legendary Frog, Super Flash Bros., all amatures compaired to you some day. Just remeber to invite me over to your mansion sometime. I get lonely...

Helbereth responds:

See now that's something I hadn't expected. i've gotten reviews and e-mails from people who said this pushed them over the edge and made them go out and buy flash. That particular aspect is one I don't understand...

As for the comparison to SFB and LF etc., don't bother - I'm in a class all my own. =)

Thanks for the review!