Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

awesome tutorial

I watched this some time back, and it was really helpful. I added it to my favourites when I first watched it, and i thought i'd come back and give it a review, despite the 402 it already has :)
The presentation, and all the information given is extremely helpful in learning from the tutorial and having fun aswell. I learned something from almost every aspect of the tutorial when I didn't know that much about flash and animating.
So I'm going to say this is quite flawless - 10/10

Thanks So Much For The Sound Section!

Seriously You've Helped Me So Much, Finally No More Overlapping Songs!
Great Tutorial, I'll Be Refering Back To This Now And Again With My Future Animations!


Finally I found out why my sounds would never end and why my files we're so huge!!!! thanks!!!!

funny and helpful

good sense of humor and very informative


Can someone tell me or direct me to a place where i can find out how to get my video quality like smbz. Please respond someone and o yea this tut answers some questions though.