Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

awsome tutorial, really helped

great job. loved the music. gonna go play my old shadowrun now!

what if i need to go back?

this tutorial was really helpful but there was no button to go back one page so i had to replay it. thanks anyways

Helbereth responds:

There are forward and backward buttons in the top right and top left corner of every single page. There's also a main menu button on the bottom of every page.


Simply the best tutorial I could have ever found. You did an awesome job explaining all your points, and explaining the vcam script, and how to make the camera was extremely helpful!

Thank you!! ^_^

Very nice

Learning that camera AS is very very very very helpful, and wish i would of had it earlier :(

Right On!

Nice Tutorial. very effective and easy to understand. This will help me in the long run!
PS what's the link to that camera at? That thing been driving me crazy to find.
Nice job anyways.

Helbereth responds:

There was no link, the whole AS was shown within the tutorial and it explained how to use it. All you have to do is copy/paste it.