Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


oh man, i have such a headache, it was awesome but hurtful! *mom wheres the aspirin* anyways, great tutorial.

Helbereth responds:

For the sake of my ego, I hope the headache didn't result from the tutorial...

...wouldn't it be funny if I attached my ego to this?

Great but.....

The Fairy doesnt work, the motion tweens do this retarded up down animation when ever I try to make the wings work. XD


At least there is someone that helps me furfill my needs when i have the time i completely watch it is very useful even while it doesn't correspond with my flash 8 but it is awesome this is an perfect guide


AWESOME! :D Heh, helped me quite a bit, especially the camera part, no more shifting the whole stage to make it look like its moving!

10/10. Your designing skills are incredible! :D Keep it up!

thank you

i learned a lot oh and were is the secret sound been trying to look for it XD

Helbereth responds:

I put directions for all the easter eggs in the author's comments...

I did that about 4 months after release, but I still get occasional e-mails about them...

I guess people really don't read those.